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Bulk SMS: 


PARAMOUNT uses the tried and tested SMS communication to deliver your message to thousands of people at the same time with attractive sender ID, yet giving them the feel of being treated individually. 


We provide online messaging platform to send the promotional content SMS, real-time transactional and customized SMS. The powerful gateways delivers the SMS before you bat of an eye. 


Our messaging solution integrates with any database, allowing companies to automate their SMS notifications delivery. It is used by dozens of ecommerce companies, Educational Institutions, Logistics, food restaurants, transportation companies, and retailers around the world. The Powerful plug and play APIs easily jazz up your application with quick and simplified SMS notifications.


As we understand that one of the most important activities carried out in any Industry is to communicate with the Customers. Hence, we offer you our complete SMS solution which will help you to send Instant SMS even to DND users, with 6 Letter senders ID of your Company name.




  • DND:           Customers who activated DND in their mobile, can also now receive SMS From there Vendor.

  • Sender ID:     SMS goes to receiver with 6 letter Company name as Header of the message.

  • Instant SMS:  SMS will be sent in less than 15sec

  • No Validity:   SMS leftover in this year, can be forwarded to next year, forfurther usage.

  • Templates's:   No SMS template restriction, you can send any kind of Transactional SMS.

  • Time: 24/7:    Can send SMS at any time - day & night

  • SMS Length:   Up to1000 Characters (160 Characters count as 1 SMS)

  • Refund:        Funds will be refunded if the SMS is not delivered due to Invalid Numbers

  • Excel Plug-in:  Can send SMS directly from your Excel sheet without login in to online SMS application.

  • API:           Application Programming Interface: Schools/Colleges using an ERP/Software will be provided with API                       link, so that they can directly send SMS from their current application, without any additional charges.  



Features: Same as above except below features.

  • DND:         DND not Allowed, Credits will be Refunded.

  • Timings:      9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Why Paramount?  

  •  White labelled SMS application, where your logo will be displayed in Application, which looks professional for your  employees to use as its your own application.

  •   Facility to create Branch Accounts where single Account will have admin control and can create branch accounts and  distribute the SMS credits according to the branch requirement.

  •  Multiple Sender ID’s based on the number of Branches, without any extra charges.

  •  Sender ID approval in less than 5 min.

  •   Easy to use User Web interface to Submit Bulk SMS which filters wrong numbers.

  •   Contact Management and Excel Import in Web Application.

  •   Easy to send one to one Customized Bulk SMS (say with Student/Parent Name in SMS).

  •   Easy to send students attendance based on Presented and Absentees.

  •   Single click to send Marks and Fee details to all students/parents with their respective names.

  •   SMS Scheduling Facility.

  •   Complete Delivery report (Delivered, Barred, Network Error, Absent, Invalid number, memory exceeded etc).

  •    Highly Secured: Activity log gives information about who logged in at what time.

  •    24/7 Support.



Voice Call Services ---->>>Click Here



PARAMOUNT, with the help of its Voice Messaging solutions, helps you take your brand's voice directly to thousands of people, without the drag of having to call each number and speak personally over phone. 


Our voice messaging service allows you to digitally record your message and send it to a list of phone numbers via telephone. You can send your message through thousands of channels and deliver it to the phone numbers on your calling list.


Voice messaging service at PARAMOUNT not only saves you from the herculean task of manual dialling, but also enhances communication by delivering automated phone calls within minutes to any group, large or small.


Voice Call Features:



DND Allowed only in case of Transactional Voice Call

Call Length 

Up to 60 seconds (30 seconds count as 1 call)

Instant Call 

Call will be delivered Immediately


3 to 6 Months based on the package selected. 


No voice call template restriction, you can send any kind of voice calls.


Can send voice calls from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Credits will be refunded if SMS is not delivered.

(Charges on Delivery Only) 


Why Paramount?

  • White labelled Voice Call application, where in your logo will be displayed in Application, which looks professional for your employees to use as its your own application.

  • Easy to use User Web interface to Submit Voice Calls.

  • Excel Import in Web Application.

  • Voice Call Scheduling Facility.

  • Complete Delivery report (Delivered, Barred, Network Error, Absent, Invalid number, Not Lifted, Engage... etc)

  • 24/7 Support 


Two Way SMS / SMS KeyWord ---->>>Click Here


Facility to send SMS to get the required information.


For Eg:


Assume, Name of your school/college is ABC, we will provide you a standard key word “ABC” and you can create sub key words say for eg: “Admission”

 Now students who are looking for admission will type “ABC Admission” and send SMS to “8008005566”.. they will receive a auto reply sms set by you at back end.


SMS 1.Admissions are still open, 

SMS 2.Thanks for your enquiry our concern team will call you soon,

SMS 3.Admissions last date is DD.MM.YY and so on……

 and the respective administrative officer from the college will receive a message saying that so and so student with so and so mobile number is looking for admission, wherein he can talk to them and help with required information and close the admission. 



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